I really have to write about this because it has happened to me, an 85-year-old, mild-mannered, but opinionated blogger, and you all (all two or three of you) are supposed to share in my joys and trials.

Yesterday was a Sunday like any other Sunday except that my local paper was kind enough (or brave enough) to run a shortened version of my previous post on same-sex marriage which I had submitted as a Community Forum offering. As you might recall, I am not in favor of same-sex marriage. In fact the newspaper titled my article “Same-sex marriage should not be permitted.”

I thought I’d look at it online at the News-Times website. Lo, and behold, at the end of the piece there is a line saying “Post your comments,” and an inviting square to fill with one’s thoughts. Many people had things to say. When I first looked at the site there were 139 comments, just about all of them negative. As I look at the site today the number is up to 188. The last comment from “Horrified,” in the neighboring town of Ridgefield says:

The world has no place for hateful, bigots like you.
What if I were to espouse the same hateful remarks about Italians, Jews or Blacks. It would not be tolerated. You need to take a look at your own issues instead of spreading ignorance. The world is the horrible state it is because of people like you. Read the rest of this entry »