Just as this blog began because I wanted to publish a tribute to a dear, deceased friend, Dr. Herbert Ratner, so this post is happening because my daughter, Terry, has asked for some information about her now-deceased relatives. What could be more natural than to begin with my mother who died 18 years ago at the age of 95. The following is what I e-mailed to her yesterday, a thumbnail sketch of Agnes Hodson’s life:

Agnes Mary (Elizabeth) Geoghegan, was born October 2, 1894, in West Cromwell CT, the second of 11 children. Her older sister died at age 7 and her next younger sister died at age 4, both from diphtheria, leaving Mom the oldest living child. As I recall they all went to a one room schoolhouse in Cromwell, and Mom went to Middletown high school, graduating on June 14, 1912, as valedictorian. (I have a copy of her speech, which was published in the local newspaper.) She then studied bookkeeping/accounting at a nearby college and got a job in Washington DC as a secretary. Read the rest of this entry »