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June 24th, 2008


Dear WordPress,

I’m sorry I missed your fifth birthday party but you’ll have to be a lot older than 5 for me to travel all the way to San Francisco to celebrate. Maybe you’ll come to my 85th birthday party next month? (I’ll admit I jumped the gun just a bit in naming my blog Soon it will be official, God willing.)

Please accept my apologies for my criticisms of WordPress in my earliest blogs. I had expected to just have to type and found that I actually had to learn a thing or two in order to blog happily. It’s been three months now and presently I am in awe of WordPress’s capabilities — and I know practically nothing about it — except that anything I want to do seems possible, with a little help from my son.

Once again, thank you, WordPress. You’re the best. (But what do I know?)

Blogging greatgrandmother, and friend for life.


June 24th, 2008


The advertisement shows a little girl sitting before a computer. It says: “See Jane. See Jane click. Click, click, Jane. See, Jane, See.” The last frame shows a picture of Jane looking amazed, shocked. The words say: “Jane saw!”

Jane is perhaps ten. She has stumbled onto a porn site. Jane can never unsee what she has seen anymore than you can forget your own first introduction to raw sex.

The ad is for an internet filter which prevents such sewage from ever reaching your home computer. Not everyone is happy that Jane and her brother can view the grossest of sexual deviancy on line, either by chance or by choice, when they set about surfing the web.

It used to be that one had to seek out porn in adult bookshops, behind-the-counter magazines, or x-rated movie houses. Now it comes into homes, schools, and libraries unbidden. One only has to surf cable or satellite offerings and it’s right there in living, moving color. Read the rest of this entry »