I found this email which arrived this morning so touching I wanted to share it, with a big ‘thank you’ to Rachel’s Vineyard.

Dear Diocese of Bridgeport Pro-Lifers.

Thanks be to God, and to you, we had another successful Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat this past weekend.  The weather was so superb, we actually held a session outside.  The food that nourished their bodies was wonderful. The prayers and caring that nourished their souls will be life-long.  The flowers, the baked goods, the donations they were told about from you brings tears to their eyes, as usual.  None of them can believe that anyone would care for them (since they think they are not worth it) and when it comes from “strangers,” people they don’t know, it has more of an impact on them.

We had seven women and one man make the retreat.  With that, there were eleven babies memorialized.  One of the women had her abortion this past July, another in April.  One woman’s abortion was over 35 years ago.  Two were raped as teenagers, two were molested as children.  These traumatic events led to further traumas in their lives…some to suicide attempts, some to promiscuity, all to deep depression.

It is incredible to see the transformation of their faces, their bodies and their hearts and souls throughout this retreat.  Two of the women were crying so hard and so much that they literally held tissues up to their faces, to cover their tears, sobs and shame most of the day on Saturday.  But, by Saturday evening, when we do our meditations on naming their children and meeting them with Jesus, peace starts to fill their hearts and their bodies and their faces become more relaxed and tranquil.  The constant nagging in their hearts is replaced with stillness and serenity knowing that God has been with them, loves them and loves their children.

I can’t thank you enough.  Without you and your support, these retreats would not be possible.  I am thankful to the diocese for allowing these retreats.  I am thankful to the priests that were there, especially Fr. Peter Cipriani and Fr. Seraphim for their great senses of humor and wit which broke the tension so many times.  But mostly, to them for their love for this ministry, their love for the Church and for bringing the face of Christ to these women.  Thanks also to Fr. Nick Pavia, Fr. Norm Guilbert, Fr. Sam Kachuba and Msgr. Esposito.

Please continue to keep this ministry in your prayers.  There are so many women and men out there that need it.  Know that you are all in my prayers of thanksgiving always.

In His Name and Service,



Let us therefore approach the throne of grace with fullest confidence, that we may receive mercy for our failures and grace to help in the hour of need. — Hebrews 4:16