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October 12th, 2009


Enjoyed a sentimental time in the bath today singing old songs.  Do you remember? —   Feel free to sing along.

Irving Berlin, 1925, recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1942.

I’ll be loving you, always,
With a heart that’s true,  always.
When the things you’ve planned,
Need a helping hand,
I will understand, always,

Things may not be fair, always.
That’s when I’ll be there, always.
Not for just an hour,
Not for just a day,
Not for just a year,
But Always.

Autumn Leaves

Originally a French song, first recorded by Jo Stafford in 1950.  Sung by Nat King Cole

The falling leaves
Drift by the window
The autumn leaves
Of red and gold

I see your lips
The summer kisses
The sunburned hands
I used to hold

Since you went away
The days grow long
And soon I’ll hear
Old winter’s song

But I miss you most of all
My darling
When autumn leaves
Start to fall

Let The Rest Of The World Go By

Written by 1919 Ernest Ball, sung by Morton Downey

With someone like you, a pal good and true
I’d like to leave it all behind and go and find
Some place that’s known to God alone
Just a spot to call our own

We’ll find perfect peace, where joys never cease
Out there beneath a kindly sky
We’ll build a sweet little nest somewhere in the west
And let the rest of the world go by

October 12th, 2009


How much more beautiful, innocuous, and non-inflammatory could a sign be?


This is the sign carried by Jim Pouillon when he was shot in Michigan last week.  See my blog post In Hoc Signo Vinces.   If you read the small red print at the bottom of the sign, you will learn  it was produced by PIP Printing in Milwaukee.

I have written the following letter to PIP:

September 23, 2009

Mr. Ed Perkins
PIP Printing and Document Services
12011 W. Silver Spring Dr.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225

Dear Mr. Perkins,

I called you several days ago as I wanted to get a LIFE poster like the one that was carried by Jim Pouillon when he was shot.   It is beautiful and non-confrontational.  It seems to me they should be visible in front of every abortion mill in the country and by the thousands at the annual March for Life on January 22.  Now is not the time for pro-life people to shrink back.

However.  The smallest one (3 x 2 ft) is $30, plus $27 for lamination, plus $25 for shipping.   That runs into real money, even if I only purchased one.

I’m wondering what sort of price you could offer if they were purchased by the thousands, say by March for Life, or Knights of Columbus, or Priests for Life.  A smaller poster given out by the K of C in 2008 of a sleeping baby measured 11 x 17″, and their DEFEND LIFE poster was 13 x 20″.

I would appreciate hearing from you.  Please see below the addresses of the pro-life organizations mentioned if you would like to make an offer to them that they can’t refuse!


Dorothy Vining


Mr. Perkins was kind enough to reply to me thus:

The price for shipping the poster of $25 is wrong for 1 poster.  Cost for 1 poster for shipping would be about $12.00.

Also, the more posters you buy the more discount we will provide.  I know one poster is costly / expensive.  We can dsicount on both the print, lamination and shipping with orders for more than one.  We get up to a 25% discount on I believe its over 20 posters ordered at one time.

We could print large quantities of these on our offset presses IF we can find a market for them.  I appreciate your reference to the various pro-life organizations.  I will try to contact them and see what happens.

Your letter was much appreciated!!

God Bless,

Ed Perkins
PIP Printing Milwaukee,  WI

I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. — Matthew 25:40