I wonder how many conservatives are aware of the work done on our behalf by C-FAM — the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute.  Under the headship of Austin Ruse C-FAM was instrumental in protecting the Vatican’s observer status in the United Nations when pro-abortion groups (including Catholics for Free Choice) sought to remove it.

I have just learned of C-FAM’s  exciting new program of bringing  young Catholic college students to meet with UN delegates in New York.  According to Mr. Ruse, when “the delegates meet Americans who pray, they are shocked.   Most people of faith around the world form their impression of America by our exportation of pornography,  homosexual propaganda, and abortion-promoting, radical feminism.  But when they meet our young people, our Catholic college and law students, these elite UN delegates can actually be moved to tears…

“For the past thirteen years, C-FAM has been the ONLY Catholic pro-life group dedicated to monitoring, reporting, exposing and countering the pro-abortionists at the UN.  And in all my 13 years doing this work, I have never seen a reaction as I saw on the faces of these hardened diplomats from the Third World!  They practically swooned over these pink-cheeked pious

Celine Dalimata tells of her experiences at the UN:

Growing up on a ranch in Montana, the United Nations was as foreign an institution and incomprehensible a concept as Confucian philosophy or baklava. Even as a college student here at Christendom College, UN concerns, documents, and events were no more than a mere echo of the outside world in the general hubbub and academic demands of our small, yet dynamic campus.

When I was invited to apply for the Edmund Burke Fellowship to lobby at the UN with C-FAM on pro-life and pro-family matters, I was very intimidated, to say the least.  However, one thing led to another, and on March 9 I found myself rubbing shoulders with the wonderfully inspiring C-FAM staff, as well as various foreign delegations.

To the outsider, the words “foreign delegates” have a sort of sacred, ominous tone; however, I found them to be quite surprisingly human.  They smiled (and frowned) at what you had to say; some condescendingly patted you on the head; others barked you away for not speaking their language or crossing their views; still others were amazingly receptive and willing to form an alliance in the name of life and family.

At the first meeting I attended, I was appalled to hear motherhood labeled as “unpaid labor” and child rearing as a great “burden.”  Such language did not belong in my world, but there it was, threatening to become part of my world through the power of a United Nations policy document.  I suddenly realized: this is the way the world-at-large thinks, this is their language.

I was further appalled, though less surprised, to hear the United States delegation offer support to language which would include the representation of “all sexes” while ridiculing those who sought for the representation of women who have suffered severe psychological effects from abortion.

In the midst of all these unnatural and dehumanizing discussions, there were more glimpses of hope than I would have expected.  Malta and the Holy See were wonderfully supportive as well as many of the African and Islamic countries who still have a sense of some of the tenets of natural law.

By the end of the week we had achieved our goal.  We were able to assist in the elimination of homosexual language which was hostile to the family, and limited the language about ‘reproductive health services’ to ensure that it would not be possible to misinterpret it in favor of a “right” to abortion.

I think we were all eternally grateful for our Christendom background and the philosophical and theological training necessary to coherently recognize and combat such ideologies on their own level.

We were also amazed and edified by the caliber of the C-FAM representatives with which we worked and grew more and more in awe of the work they do and their incredible effectiveness.  Their mission is living proof that God is on the side of the Good and I was honored and edified to partake in their efforts.

C-FAM wants to bring 100 more such students to the upcoming Commission on the Status of Woman in three months and to the UN General Assembly a few months after that.  Of course they need funds.

Their address is:   Austin Ruse, President, C-FAM Mail Processing Center, P.O Box 9317, Pueblo CO 81008-9317.


For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh. — Genesis 2:24