The First Telegraph

If you click Library of Congress you can see a larger version of Samuel Morse’s first telegraph message on 24 May 1844 from the Supreme Court room in Washington to his assistant in Baltimore.  And if you look carefully you can see the raised dots and dashes that made up the message. Below them are  letters: W h a t  h a t h  G o d  w r o u g h t,  written by the person who decoded the message.   Nowadays we think this method of delivering a message speedily quite primitive.   At the time it seemed almost miraculous.

Here is another  remarkable delivery, born March 2, 2010.


Men – and women – may play their roles, but in the end we can only echo  Samuel Morse and exclaim in amazement:       WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT!


What hath God wrought!  — Numbers 23:23