In mid-February Oprah’s guests were a 7-year-old boy, Zach, and his mother, Laurie.  Since a very early age Zach had been subject to bouts of extreme rage, shouting, screaming, throwing things, even injuring others, to the point where his mother was actually afraid of him.  At the time of the taping Zach was in a state which he described as calm and peaceful because he had learned to invite a white light into himself which kept away “negativity” to which he was very sensitive.  The negativities, he said were outside of him and the white light kept them away.

At that point in the program Oprah Winfrey told Zach that she, too,  during her morning meditation  invites a “white light” into her.  She seems to want it to cover her, protect her, fill her, perhaps even lead her.  She obviously invites it in because she thinks it is good and beneficial.

What is Oprah’s white light?  We all wondered about that.

Of course the white light is not unique to Oprah.  In Sanskit there is a greeting,  namaste, which essentially means, “The light in me recognizes the light in you.”    I remember David Arquette commenting once on seeing the light in Oprah’s eyes.   Is Oprah’s light Jesus, the light of the world? Or some other light?

For many years I have tried not to miss an Oprah program and I’ve written about her before. It has seemed to me and to  many that Oprah, once a Christian, has been moving toward new age Christ-less teachings.  Here are some random quotes:

“She used her endorsement to sell everything from millions of books to a spirituality-without-religion viewpoint that’s now the norm.”

“Oprah is a funny, smart, charismatic, and real American woman who has found commercial success by tapping into a human need for “soul food.”

“Oprah – a misspelling of the biblical name “Orpah” – was a modern-day prophet in the American church of the self. “

So, a few days ago, when a rumor started on Facebook that the guest on Oprah’s last program (after 25 years) was going to be Scott Hahn, there was considerable excitement.  Who, you would ask, if you were not in the Catholic loop, is Scott Hahn?  Catholics know him well and consider him the quintessential bible scholar/apologist for Catholic doctrine.   Facebook was a-buzz!  Could that be?  It would be a miracle if she ever had a serious dialog about religion with Scott.   All we could do was hope and pray.

Oprah has moved away from a Christianity that says no one is saved except through Jesus.  She could not accept that a person who had never been told about Jesus would go to an everlasting hell.  If anyone could straighten Oprah out on that, Scott Hahn could.  He knows that Catholic doctrine lets good people into heaven who have not  heard the gospel.

Oprah also moved away from Christianity when she read that our God is a jealous God.   I don’t know what she understood “jealous” to mean, but I think it means that God loves mankind and doesn’t want to see anyone lost.    Whatever her problem with Christianity, Scott Hahn could only shed light.

We waited, impatiently, for her last program, Wednesday, May 25.   She had no guest.  Or, rather, she was her own guest.   No Scott Hahn.

Clips from Oprah’s last show are available online on her website.     Sorry, but they do not seem to be embeddable.


Here is a recap of Oprah’s story:

CBN had the following comment on Oprah’s spirituality as put forth in her final program: 

Yes, Oprah gives credit to her team and to Jesus for her 25 years of success. “The hand of God has made this possible for me.” What God is she talking about? “The one and only G-O-D, that’s the one I’m talking about.” “I have felt the presence of God my whole life, even when I didn’t have a name for it.”   “God is Love. God is Life.”

There is no questioning Oprah’s sincerity. But we still don’t know, do we, if Jesus is to her a great teacher among many, or a historical person, Emmanuel, God-with-us,  who spoke with the authority of God, worked miracles, started a church, was crucified, and rose from the dead.   What you believe about Jesus makes a big difference in the amount of weight you give to his words.

At the end of her program Oprah put her hands together in prayer and said


Amen to that.

Thank you Oprah for your love,  for all you have done. and for your  email address:

Oprah, you can find Scott Hahn on Facebook.  Or, I’m sure your “peeps” can get you a direct line!  God love you.