In the olden days, B.B. (before blogging) I was known as an inveterate writer of letters to the editor. People sometimes ask me why I don’t write anymore and I explain that I put what I have to say on my blog. Recently, however, I got sufficiently fired up to email a letter to the News-Times and it was just published today, unedited, for which I am grateful.




Dorothy Vining: ‘Whatever happened to the natural woman’?

Dorothy Vining
Published 04:40 p.m., Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I find it difficult to believe that a person who writes so clearly and logically about the issue of freedom of religion as Lora DeNardis (March 11: “Contraception, health care, religion”) is a Danbury resident and I have not even heard of her!

She makes the point very well that the government should not require Catholics to provide or pay for contraceptives or abortions when it is against a core belief of their religion.

That is as illogical as requiring that Jews conduct business on their Sabbath or a Muslim restaurant must sell ham sandwiches.

Didn’t Obama promise opt-out conscience clauses for religious organizations at the outset of Obamacare?

I saw a cute cartoon recently with Obama in front of his laptop, pressing “delete” to get rid of the First Amendment.

But I want to make an entirely different point in this piece.

Contraceptives such as birth control pills are being promoted as health care for women and therefore something that they “need.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Birth control pills turn a normal woman into an abnormal woman. They provide (artificial) hormones that make her body think it is pregnant and stop ovulating (or at least that is the intention.) With some of the pills she will ovulate anyway, and even conceive.

Everyone knows that it is possible to become pregnant on the pill every once in a while. The pregnancy may be aborted because the pill makes the uterus inhospitable and it cannot implant, or it may implant and continue to develop until birth. Different people respond differently to the same dosages.

It is against the law to provide steroids to young males.

Teenage girls, on the other hand, can be provided similar steroids (the pill) without the knowledge or consent of their parents. The younger the girl when she starts the pill, the more susceptible she is to bodily harm. And she is usually too young to have any idea that the pill does not render sex “safe.”

The statistics demonstrating the increase in teenage pregnancies and abortions with the increase in contraceptive availability are shocking!

The pill has numerous side effects: migraines, blood clots, increased susceptibility to infection and to sexually transmitted diseases, tubal pregnancy, depression, and on and on. Just read the insert that comes with the pills.

Dentists, for example, are aware that a very painful dry socket is twice as likely if extractions are done while taking the pill.

Several studies have shown that the increased incidence of breast cancer correlates with the increased use of oral contraceptives. A McGill University study reported a 40 percent decline in sex drive in women tho took the pill compared to those who took a placebo.

The pill is more hazardous for patients who smoke or have diabetes or have elevated cholesterol.

Catholics are probably also going to be expected to pay for the “morning-after” contraception pills which, of course, cause an abortion if the woman has become pregnant.

This is being labeled health care?

We’re producing a nation of sterile women who have to buy perfumes containing pheromones because they have no “come-hither” scent of their own!

Man is the only animal that mates year-round. Other animals mate by instinct and most only for a season. We have the option of using our reason and our will to choose our season, to achieve pregnancy or no pregnancy, which is the only true reproductive freedom.

And we can have this without polluting our bodies, without exchanging normal bodily function for years of abnormal function. A woman can become pregnant only a few days a month.

Many women put off having children until “later” and then spend thousands of dollars and years of doctoring, trying to achieve the blessing of a baby.

Whatever happened to the “natural woman,” the kind that is appealing to a real man? Whatever happened to a thing called self-control?

They want to force Catholics to abandon reason and religion and provide harmful steroids to normal women, or be subject to ridiculous fines?

I’ve never heard such nonsense in my life!

Dorothy Vining is a Danbury resident.

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