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June 2nd, 2012


Young man, I am looking at you.   As you tend to my deposit as a teller at my local bank, I am looking you over.  You are young, good-looking, well-groomed.   Very well groomed, in fact.  I note your perfect haircut, the well-pressed maroon shirt, the handsome but not-too-colorful tie.   A diamond ear-ring in each ear.  Your hands move quickly and confidently over the keyboard as you find my account and check my checks for amount, endorsement, and whatever.

You won’t let me catch your eye.   (I prayed years ago that everyone who would meet my gaze would get a touch of the Holy Spirit.)  Your eyes would shift to me every now then just long enough to see if I was still looking at you – – then turn away.   It was ten AM and as we finished our transaction you wished me a “Good afternoon.”    “Good morning,” I said and as you caught your error you smiled and wished me a “good morning” also.   For a moment we connected.

You have no idea that the old lady looking at you this morning is praying that you may be as beautiful inside as you are outside.   In the great scheme of things, does it matter?  I am hopeful that somehow, perhaps, it will help a little.

Dear young man, my prayer is that you will tell Jesus you will follow him if he will show you he is real.



June 2nd, 2012


Precious! Almost unbelievable! The lady is NINETY! Not to be missed! Betty White with six black men in a tribute to Morgan Freeman.