LENT!  Sure enough I’m still alive.  92 and a half!  Where does the time go?  I gave up TV for Lent and all of a sudden I’m wallowing in time.  Didn’t think I really watched all that much TV ~ put it on in the morning to see what happened over night and to check on the weather – what to wear, whether to go to 7 AM or noon mass, depending on weather.  Then Kelly and Michael at 9 who are, of course, old friends and never get dull.  AT 10 AM over to the 700 Club which I have watched since before Pat Robertson ran for president!  I still find the 700 Club a reliable source of national and international news, especially regarding the middle east where they have a base in Jerusalem, which ISIS would like to eliminate from the face of the earth.  At 11 AM sometimes over to The View to see what the wacko uninformed liberals are thinking.  They try to be “fair and balanced” but no way!  TV goes off at noon and I put Rush Limbaugh on the radio and lie down for a nap.  He’s pretty good at putting me to sleep but he has earned my trust over the years.  TV comes back on at 5, FIVE AT FIVE ON FOX, under the aegis of Roger Ailes.  The program is going gangbusters and has earned it.  The participants are informed, articulate, and winsome besides.  To top the day off I sometimes fall asleep watching Jeopardy.  Even the college kids are smarter than me but it gives me hope for the next generation.

So that’s why I’m back.   Already wrote an overdue letter to Michael in prison.  He’s been  there for twenty years for killing my daughter, Peggy.  I started writing to him about ten years after her death to see if he would tell me what really went down; I figured he didn’t wake up that morning intending to kill her and might have been just a stupid kid making bad choices.  We write regularly now and though everyone says everyone “gets religion”in prison, I think he has. And that’s all for Michael for now.

I need not fear that I will miss anything important without TV.  My iPad gives me the weather every morning as well as the top news from the New York Times.  YouTube keeps up to date with videos showing that Beyonce’s performance in the commercial at the superbowl is Satanic and that we are all  one family as proven by the male Y chromosome in recent genetics.   In fact YouTube is a good place to start any type of research.  On the radio, I can count on Rush to be on fire about something every day.

During the hiatus, grandson Jaime married Marni Cutler in a beautiful October wedding.  There’s a lovely photo of the wedding  on Facebook which I can’t seem to get onto this blo

Two more greatgrandbabies are on the way.  Katy’s daughter Amy in Chicago is scheduled for a girl in June.  Terry’s son Sage and his Amy in the Berkshires will have a baby in September. May all go well with them.  This seems to be the year of the Amys!

At this point Lent is halfway over and the blogging has slowed down.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned anything about the sciatica that I’ve had now for over a year despite MRI, physical therapy, two sets of spine injections, and now medication which is not doing the job.  If I ever get rid of it, that will truly be BIG NEWS!   I’ll shout it from the housetops!

Till next time.