The minute I heard the scuttlebut that McCain’s veep might be Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska,  I hurried to google to see whether she was pro-life.   Behold, she is not only prolife but is the mother of five and she was recently in the news because she refused to consider abortion when she learned her last baby would have Down’s syndrome.   THIS IS SO RIGHT IT CAN’T BE WRONG!   I was jumping up and down (figuratively speaking, of course),  going “Praise God!   Glory Hallelujah!”


Born Sarah Heath on February 11, 1964,  in Sandpoint Idaho, moved to Alaska as an infant. Her father was an elementary school teacher.

She attended Wasilla High School where she played on the state champion basketball team.  She fishes, hunts, and snowmobiles,  and is a lifetime member of the NRA.

She was named Miss Wasilla in 1984 (with the title of Miss Congeniality)  and was a runner-up for Miss Alaska.

She graduated from the University of Idaho in 1987 with a degree in journalism. She worked as a sports reporter in Anchorage AK.

She has been married for 20 years to Todd Palin, a BP oil field worker and commercial fisherman.  He has won the Tesoro Iron Dog, world’s longest, toughest snowmobile race four times.

They have five children, Track, Bristol, Piper, Willow and Trig.  Track joined the U.S. Army in 2007 and will be deployed to Iraq.  Trig, born in April, 2008, has Down’s syndrome.

She describes herself as a hockey mom and a member of the PTA.  She was on the town council, then elected mayor of Wasilla.

She was elected Governor of Alaska in 2006, being the first woman governor and also the youngest, at 42,  She has an approval rating as Governor of over 80%.

She defeated a corrupt Republican machine in Alaska, does not wish to be dominated by big oil companies or the cruise ships that bring in  thousands of tourists.  She favors drilling in ANWR.  When she became governor she sold the state jet plane on ebay.

She is strongly pro-life (a member of Feminists for Life), opposed to gay “marriage, and is reputedly an evangelical Christian.

She is reported as saying: “I believe everything happens for a purpose. In my own personal life, if I dedicated back to my Creator what I’m trying to create for the good . . . everything will turn out fine.”

The thing that most resonated with me as she accepted being chosen as McCain’s running mate was that she said she hoped to have “a servant’s heart.”

Her website is here.


A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why the ship was built.    Sarah Palin