I didn’t dress. I forgot to eat breakfast. I spent an extraordinary amount of time this morning exploring the Sistine Chapel which arrived via e-mail. Because I think I can, I would like to share this experience. This link is said to lead to the world’s largest gigapixel picture and to give new meaning to the word incredible. By using the symbols at the bottom you can view the Sistine Chapel from side to side, up close and away, and top to bottom. Enjoy.

According to the Columbia Encyclopedia the Sistine Chapel was built in 1473 under Pope Sixtus IV (hence the name Sistine).   It is most famous for nine episodes from Genesis across the ceiling painted by Michelangelo including the stages of creation, Adam and Eve’s temptation and fall, Noah and the Deluge.  Michelangelo’s last work, the Last Judgment, is on the altar wall.

Along the side walls are frescoes by Perugino, Pinturrichio, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Roselli and Signorelli.   They tell me there are multicolored mosaics on the chapel floor.  I did not see them.

Is that a mirror image of the ceiling in the middle of  the floor? Why have I read nothing about it?


Post in haste, repent at leisure.   That church was so magnificent I had no trouble believing it was the Sistine Chapel.  And I figured since it arrived in my e-mail it would be OK to post it for others to enjoy.  Well, no, and no.  It was Piaristenkirche in Vienna and when I read about the Sistine Chapel after “travelling” around inside the beautiful building that had arrived  claiming to be the Sistine Chapel, they didn’t jibe.   When I tried to post a picture of the real Sistine Chapel, Firefox crashed.  I guess this is not my day.

You would surely enjoy being able to cruise around inside Piaristenkirche and if I find a way to get you there legally, I will.  Till then —-enough excitement for today.  I’m all for letting the dust settle.


It seems that  the link above  to Piaristenkirche in Vienna sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.  Should anyone who has read this far have a desire to take a virtual tour of a magnificent church that isn’t the Sistine Chapel and is said to be the world’s largest gigapixel picture, just send me a comment and I will forward to you the very e-mail that caused all this confusalty.  It worked the last time I tried it and the virtual tour is amazing.


All that glisters is not gold; often have you heard that told — Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice