You never know, when you share something of yourself online, whom it may reach and touch — or when.  I received the following e-mail today:

I was recently searching the interent for a cure or some sort of releif for my outbreak of Poison Oak, and I found your posting on a site.

If you’re actually reading this, it means you’ve kept the same email [address] over.. eight years, which would surprise me.
If you do get this email, I’d just like you to know that you’re post is helping eight years later.
(name deleted)

Most people who read things online do not bother to comment, correct, or thank the writer.  This gentleman was kind enough to take a minute.  At the same time he reminded me that what is posted online is FOREVER!

Since this is the season, here is the link to the poison ivy/oak/sumac treatment posted 8 years ago that helped him today.