I just flipped on the 700 Club in mid-program this morning and there was an ex-convict giving his testimony.  I don’t know his crime but it seems that at a low point he decided to follow Jesus and found happiness even while in prison.   After five years of incarceration he was released and it was his prayer for a wife that moved me to put up this plug for the 700 Club.  What he prayed was, “Lord, find me a wild girl gone good!”   What a cool prayer!

Well, he found his girl, and now they have children, and now he is a barber and life is going much better.

It seems I have been watching Pat Robertson (and later his son, Gordon) on the 700 Club for ages.  I remember in 1980 thinking Pat should run for president, and praying for him in 1988 when he actually sought the Republican nomination.

The 700 Club has national and international news coverage that you won’t find anywhere else, as well as story after story of the difference God has made in the lives of both famous people and regular folks.  It is now only a few days after hurricane Ike ravaged the Texas and Louisiana coasts and already Operation Blessing, funded by members of the 700 Club, is down there with their huge trucks and volunteers helping out in many ways.  They did this immediately after Katrina hit New Orleans,  after the tsunami in  Sri Lanka, after the Myanmar typhoon, etc., etc.

For what it’s worth  I, as a Catholic,  recommend the 700 Club.  I get it twice a day on DirecTV on Channel 311 (ABCF) in the morning and Channel 372 (TBN) in the afternoon.  Enjoy.

(I really should mention EWTN which I get 24/7 and also enjoy!)


Seek the LORD while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near.  Isaiah 55:6