A couple of weeks ago I wrote a Letter to the Editor to our local News-Times as follows:


Two people visited me the other day to ask me to vote for a local Democratic candidate.  “Is he pro-life?”  I asked.  “If he’s pro-life, I might split my ticket.”  They didn’t know and promised to find out.  They said they were pro-life and their candidate was a member of a Baptist church.  One of them wore an Obama shirt.   “How can you wear an Obama shirt?”  I asked.  “He’s pro-abortion.”

I should have said Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate ever.  He promises to nominate Superior Court judges who will uphold Roe v Wade.  He voted in favor of partial birth abortion in which late term babies which are partially delivered then have their brains sucked out so their heads will fit through cervix.

He even voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act written to  protect babies destined for abortion who happened to be born alive.  Nurses  report watching these babies gasp for breath in a waste pan until death, sometimes holding them  so they would know a little bit of caring.  Doesn’t our constitution give them a right to life?

My Baptist Democratic visitors never called back.  The last I knew,  Baptists believe in the Bible.   You know, the one that says, “Thou shalt not kill,” and “Before I knit you in your mother’s womb, I knew you.”   The one in which John the Baptist  leapt in Elizabeth’s womb on being visited by Mary who was pregnant with the baby Jesus.

The culture of death marches on, with nothing but deafening silence from Christian pulpits.  I hear it’s all about money.   That same Bible says we cannot serve both God and Mammon.

If you don’t believe the Bible is inspired, that’s fine with me.  You go your way, and I’ll go mine.  But fake Christians like Obama and Biden really get my goat.

Dorothy Vining


There are two ways a person can respond to a Letter to the Editor in our newspaper.   The first is to write a letter, under 300 words, and sign it with name, address, and phone number so the opinion editor can call and be sure it was written by the person signing.  So far no one has had the chutzpah to answer my letter in this fashion.

However, the second way to respond is to go online to the News-Times website and comment.  The last time I looked there were over 200 such comments.   They are anonymous and therefore rather uninhibited.  The first ones usually relate to the letter in the newspaper, but later ones are mostly bickering back and forth between commenters (commentaters?), calling each other names and impugning their intelligence, sometimes sprinkled with vulgarity and asterisks.

I quote a few of the more relevant ones below for your amusement.

Your opinion doesn’t surprise me at all. However, in light of all that is happening with the economy and in the world, you are still short sighted enough to cast your vote based on one issue and one issue alone. The rest of us will all be jobless, homeless and unsafe in the rest of the world but by God, those other women will NOT have a choice.  Thanks.

From Choice:

Dorothy Vining tells it like it is and has the scars to prove it. The Democratic party is the party of death and will never give the unborn the “choice” to live!!!! Their legacy up to this point in time is the forty million babies that have perished because of their defense of Roe v. Wade. Democrats will have a lot to answer for when they meet their maker.

From Nuts:

haha.. scars to prove it.. how’d she get the scars being beaten up outside abortion clinics? What someone try and perform something gross on her va-jay jay.. what the heck are you talking about scars? you people are really a HOOT.

A local reader writes:

You’re probably some spinster that never got married.. never had kids and I’ll bet you never thought of adopting. People like you lady.. you REALLY get my GOAT.

Censorfree says:

Dorothy Vining, they want your money and your vote, and it looks like they got both. Will they still get either of those things when this issue is dead and gone? If the answer is no, you may want to ask yourself why you want to vote for them in the first place. They have used you. If the answer is yes, stop saying you are a Republican because they love babies, and be honest. You are a Republican because you are a backwards, hateful, greedy, whiny, controlling, idiotic turd brain who shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

OK writes:

You have any kids lady? You adopted any? Another phoney Bible thumping pro lifer. Walk the walk and talk the talk. You’re a PHONY lady… I see right through you. What have you done??

From someone in MA:

Boy, the livid left hate this woman as much as they hate Sarah Palin.

In the end, they hate JESUS. They don’t want to hear about Jesus, they hate anyone who believes in Jesus. They hate God.

Whackos has this to say:

Yeah i’m going to listen to some nonsense some old hag writes in the paper. She’s another whacko just like that other religious whacko that writes in every few months. Sorry ain’t buyin’ your shizz lady

Are you amused yet?


Your word, O Lord, is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  Psalm 119:105