1. Put frying pan on stove.
2. Turn on gas.
3. Pour a little canola oil in pan.
4. Get egg from refrigerator.
5. Get bowl from cabinet.
6. Put smidgen of water in bowl.
7. Crack egg into bowl.
8. Put egg shell in garbage.
9. Scramble egg and pour into pan.
10. Get slice of bread from freezer.
11. Pop into toaster.
12. Get Smart Balance from refrigerator.
13. Turn egg over with spatula.
14. Get plate from pantry.
15. Put egg on plate.
16. Get toast from toaster.
17. Spread Smart Balance on it.
18. Put toast on plate.
19. Get cup from pantry.
20. Fill with water.
21. Get out instant coffee.
22. Get out Cremora.
23. Get spoon.
24. Add coffee to cup.
25. Add Cremora.
26. Add half-teaspoon of sugar.
27. Put in microwave.
28. Set microwave for 2 minutes.
29. Get teeth from glass.
30. Get fork from pantry.
31. Start eating egg and toast while still warm.
32. Take coffee from microwave and stir.
33. Turn on TV.
34. Sit in front of TV.
35. Enjoy for 10 minutes.
36. Wash dishes.
37. Put them away.

No wonder seniors don’t eat; it’s too complicated.
Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the effort.
Is it time for a nap yet?
No. It’s time to warm up the car. Hard frost last night.


This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24