I left the house about 5:30 to head for the polling place at a local school.  When I arrived the doors were still closed and 19 people were waiting outside.  By the time they let us in, there were close to 200 outside!  It promised to be a busy polling day.  My legs tend to shake if I stand for prolonged periods of time so for the first time I wondered what they do to accommodate the old folks who have trouble waiting in line for hours for the privilege of voting.  The voting itself was quick and easy – just fill in the ovals and slip the paper into the optical scanning machine.  In the end there will be an electronic tally and also paper ballots should they need to be manually counted. As I exited the school,  cars were circling because there were no parking places left.  At first I thought it was courtesy that prompted an incoming car to hold up traffic so I could back up.  Then I realized – he just wanted my parking place!


A black couple stood behind me in line and I heard them mention going to church.  I really, really  wanted to ask for whom they were going to vote.  Would they be voting as Christians or as blacks -–or even, possibly, both?  I had been impressed by interviews in Harlem in which respondents would say they planned to vote for Obama.  They were asked:  “And what do you think of his plans to stay in Iraq until it’s all over.”  “And what do you think of his choosing Palin as his running mate?”  They were just fine with that.  It was obvious they planned to vote for a black brother regardless of what he stood for.


After Mass I went to pray at the “Medical Options” abortion mill, as Tuesday is one of their killing days.  Seven others eventually joined us and we watched the abortionist drive in.  This was not going to be one of their slow days.   For November, the day was relatively mild and sunny.  Mary had attended the Connecticut Right to Life Corporation’s annual dinner the previous Saturday in Cromwell and had brought us copies of the program.  The “gang” of prayer warriors at Medical Options for the past twenty years had been honored for their perseverance and faithfulness.  Mary and Mike had represented “the gang”  at the dinner.  We now share a beautiful engraved silver plate.  I pray that we also share a number of  babies’ lives saved over the years!


As we prayed a lady drove by on the sidewalk in her scooter, wearing an I Voted sticker.  Since I had been wondering how handicapped people fared at the polling places I asked her if she had to wait a long time. “Oh, no,” she said.  “They take the handicapped ones right in.”  Her name was Patty and she told us she loved us.   I didn’t ask her how she voted, either.


A fellow picketeer told me she is leaving her Catholic parish because when she went to Mass this  past weekend she read this in the church bulletin:

But contrary to what some partisan Catholics want us to believe, a Catholic voter can make a moral choice for either of the candidates in this election.  The Pope highlighted during the last election cycle that a Catholic cannot vote in conscience for someone who holds serious views that are in contradiction to Catholic teaching if that is the primary reason they are supporting them but they can vote for that candidate for other reasons.  And so a Catholic could never support someone precisely because they support abortion, but could vote for other proportionate reasons…

My friend feels there is no proportionate reason that would justify unborn babies being disenfranchised, without hope, subject to killing for any or no reason, for decades to come, as would be guaranteed should Obama become president.  It is no more tolerable, no more defensible than slavery.


Another of our picketeers  had heard that Obama had surreptitiously given Hillary “the finger” when talking about her during his campaign by scratching his cheek with his middle finger.  Whatever evidence there is is on this video.

Considerably more disturbing is the claim that he has flashed the satanic sign with the index and fifth fingers up and the two middle fingers down.  Apparently a similar sign in sign language means “I love you.”  See here.

If Obama is given to using sign language, (as he does in the this April video when he pretends to brush off dandruff from his shoulders as he has to brush it off when Hillary “gets her digs in” and “twists the knife”) he will surely be interesting to watch in days to come.


All this, and I hadn’t even watched The View yet.   As usual, it is three on the left to one on the right. The three think there must be something fishy about Sarah Palin being found not guilty of ethics violation in Alaska, but Elisabeth continues to hold her own and look beautiful at the same time.


Rush Limbaugh tells about Black Panthers in Philly intimidating voters.    His parting advice: “Regardless of what happens tonight, listen to me tomorrow.”


Oprah held a celebratory election day party on TV.  She is still working to get out the vote and, though she makes an effort to be even-handed, but we all know who Oprah is pulling for!  I do believe she loves her country.  Tomorrow will be her Post Election Special  when she will finally be “Unleashed to talk!”


And finally, it seems most of my grandchildren are voting for Obama.   In another four years we will know if they were smarter than their Grammy.


Who is Barack Obama?  May “the rookie from nowhere,” as I called him in an earlier post, now our 44th president, rise to the challenge and be a blessing to our beautiful country.   God help him and God bless the USA.

I had me a wee glass of wine and put myself to bed.   The country is in the hands of a very powerful man but, ultimately, in the hands of a much more powerful God!


We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28.