It may be that there is a book out there somewhere called COMPUTER CODES FOR GRAMMYS. Until I find it, I’m grateful for the advice that Google offers. Google has obliged me by helping me with my bolding and italicizing. It also has made me aware that I’m not the only one to be distressed by the difficulty in centering titles. In fact, it seems so cumbersome that I’m practically resigned to having titles hug the left margin. God willing, by the time of my next post, Google (or someone) will have taught me how to write a link that actually works. I know how to do it in my e-mail but it doesn’t seem to apply in a blog.

Yes, apparently greatgrandmas can blog but why does this greatgrandma now want to blog? It has to do with progeny–children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren. I’ve always been thought of as a “private” person. While perfectly willing to answer questions anyone might want to ask, few people have seemed much interested in the details of my past. One of the reasons for my writings has been to let my offspring know what I think (whether they wanted to hear it or not!) I Love Lucy and Howdy-Doody were already on TV when the first kids were born and television has been there right along with programming which is so much more interesting than any stories mom and dad might have to offer. In fact, I recently published an article calling television The Thief in the Parlor which I shall post one of these days. TV steals precious time and smothers interpersonal relationships.

It is my guess that long, long ago there was a time when there wasn’t much to do after the sun went down but sit around a fire and either sleep or talk. A kid might say, “Daddy, tell me about the time you fell out of the tree and nobody could hear when you called for help.” Or, “Mommy, tell me a story you’ve never told me before.” These people would KNOW each other. Nowadays when a family does get together there is often a TV in their midst to fill in the spaces when the conversation doesn’t hold their attention.

April Fool! Even at my age it is still possible to learn something. I’ve learned that it’s probably not a good idea to complain to the whole world about my blogging problems when I’m still a new kid on the blog and don’t know much of anything. It turns out that WordPress has a beautiful text-editing toolbar that makes it a snap to accomplish all the functions I was complaining about. It just wasn’t up where I could see it. I still don’t see any centering magic, but live and learn. Good job, WordPress! And thank you, Google, for helping out in the interim. It well may be that there is a WordPress tutorial just waiting somewhere that would lead a novice through the baby steps of blogging. One could hope.

Hi, kids, grandkids, greatgrandkids! This is Mom, Grammy, or GG sounding off! This blog has been open for several days now and not a single comment! Do you think it would help if I let someone know I’m blogging? Am I ready for that? I feel naked. All of a sudden my life is an open book. I have the solution: On my “fragile” days, I just won’t log in.

I could swear I used to see a comment box at the bottom of these pages. I wonder what happened to it.