In my humble opinion, Aimee Milburn Cooper’s recent blogpost on Historical Christian says it all and should be required reading for the universe.  In a few simple unpretentious paragraphs she has laid it all out – the sexual dysfunction of our age.  It is so commonsense, so biblical, so Humanae Vitae, so crystal clear!   I want it to be understood by all preachers, teachers,  and parents everywhere.    I lay awake last night wondering how I could get Dr. Laura Schlessinger to read it on her radio program, how to get Oprah to believe it and tell it to everyone, how to be sure Sarah Palin has it down pat should she ever have the chance to explain from a bully pulpit why the sexual revolution was a dumb idea.

I haven’t figured out how to do any of those things but feel that at least I have to give Aimee’s post a shout out. Truth has a quiet engaging beauty and will prevail in the end, but I sometimes wish it spoke more loudly.  That’s why there’s this one old lady with a blog nobody reads crying:  LISTEN UP, WORLD! Go here.