A month or so ago a friend asked me if I could locate a website where he could order a nice big picture of an aborted baby.   (Actually, there is no such thing as a nice picture of an aborted baby, but you know what I mean.)  He believed that nothing brings home the truth like a picture – whether you’re talking holocaust, auto accident, lynching, starvation – or abortion.  He is right, of course.  Abortion is so hidden (you’ve seen every other kind of medical procedure but you’ve never seen an abortion on TV, have you?),  so secret (your friends have had abortions you don’t know about), so misrepresented (it’s not a baby, it’s a blob, it’s a woman’s right), so ORDINARY, that you NEED a picture to bring the reality home.

ab-1 I was surprised when my very own daughter, a registered nurse, looked at a photo of an aborted baby and said, “They can’t do THIS, can they?”   She, and most people, didn’t know late term abortions are quite legal and, in fact, killer Tiller (who I have written about before) had an abortion facility in Wichita KA that has been targeted for years by pro-lifers because late term abortions were his “specialty.”  Most doctors (and their staffs), have qualms about killing a living baby in the womb when it could obviously live outside the womb – when it looks like what it is – one of us – a BABY.  I have posted previously a video by nurse Jill Stanek  who tells of holding a second trimester aborted baby left to die until it, in fact, actually died.


Well, as I said, my friend wanted a big picture of an aborted baby and asked if I could find someplace online where he could order one.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have much luck.  The photos were there but few were offered for sale.  Just about that time (our God is a God of coincidences) someone gave me some postcard-sized pictures of aborted baby pictures.  (I  am including three of them, both sides,  in this post.)  They had been published in Ireland so I put a $20 bill in an envelope and sent it to Sacred Heart House of Prayer, 46 James Street, Cookstown Co., Tyrone, Northern Ireland, BT80 8LT,  asking what they had available for sale.  I didn’t want to go to the trouble of sending proper Irish money and have always had good luck with pro-life organizations behaving honorably.  And if nothing came of it, a worthy cause would have a donation.


In due time a package arrived from Ireland, poorly wrapped, but filled with literally hundreds of aborted baby pictures and literature describing the work of The Two Patricks.  It seems that two Irishmen, Patrick O’Kane and Patrick Rushe, met and felt led to minister together.  They reputedly regularly receive messages from Jesus, such as this, explaining  why they are “The Two Patricks.”

The Ways of Jesus Christ are not our ways. He has told us in many teachings that He, Himself, has brought us together in this mission at different times in our development towards Him, so that we could learn from each other, as well as from Him.

He has described us as two halves of a jewel. It is only when we are one that His Light can shine through us – for anything we do is done in Jesus, for Jesus, and through Jesus.

Their  latest messages from Jesus, whose return they say is imminent, are posted on their site.  Some of them have also been put on YouTube and can be seen here.     The two Patricks have opened a number of houses of prayer in Ireland and Europe.  They have a strong pro-life ministry and publish pro-life literature.

All seemed orthodox until I read among their messages the following, dated April 2005:

Soon now your Holy Father will be replaced with one who is not of Me.  And he will change much, he will begin the destruction of My Church in earnest.  Are you ready to fight for the Truth?  Many will fall in this time.  Pray, children, that you are not one of them.

John Paul II died on April 2, 2005.  Benedict XVI was installed as Pope on April 24, 2005.

A further prophecy of The Two Patricks, now online, reads:

Thursday 14 January 2009


Jesus, I hear that Cardinal Ratzinger is going to try and silence Your Messengers, Prophets, Seers and Visionaries.


My sons and My children, do not be afraid for I have already told you the Truth. He will try to discredit all My Messengers but I will continue to speak for My Army cannot be silenced. I have told within My Scriptures that I do nothing before revealing it to My Prophets, so why would I inspire My Church to silence My Words? I have told you that these men that are not of Me would try to destroy My Word and so this is only another part of their deceit. They have already tried to change My Scriptures into words that are not Mine. They are like the scribes and Pharisees that tried to silence Me by having Me Crucified. They are blasphemers and deceivers and I say do not listen to their lies for their father is the father of lies. They will excommunicate you but know they only seal their own fate for what they have done to Me. I Love you, read My Word 1 and understand what I say. I, your Jesus, Love you.

I don’t know what to make of this.  I have liked Benedict XVI and this message is not recognizing him as pope.    Perhaps someone with more discernment than I have would like to weigh in on this?


~~~ Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets. — Amos 3:7