Kim Komando has been a guiding light for me ever since I had a computer, which is close to 15 years.  Just about everyone would benefit by subscribing  to her free newsletters and her daily tips.  If there is anyone more technically savvy and easily available,  I don’t know about them, but she remembers there are always newbies out there learning and tells them that when something she writes is underlined you can click it and it will take you to the relevant material.

In fact, I applauded Kim  in a blogpost over a year ago.   Looking back at that post,  she had written about a virtual pedometer that lets you measure the distance from here to there, and the link to that site still works!  I was really pleased to be able to measure the .67 miles from my house to my church.     Here is that exciting link again!

Kim’s little boy Ian is now 7 years old and today she writes about giving him his first cell phone.  When he started to take out his phone at the dinner table to contact a friend, she felt that was a  ‘no-no’  and that it was time to set up some rules of etiquette for kids with cell phones.  All told she has 11 such rules.   She wants Ian to understand that “family comes first” and you should ask permission to answer your phone with “Would you mind if I took this call?”

Among her rules are:

You are not permitted to purchase anything using your phone. No games. No ringtones. No apps.  Nothing

Cell phones should never make bodily sounds. Ringtones and apps that fart, belch or puke are funny, once. They don’t belong on your phone.

Your phone has a camera. Never take pictures of your private parts, or those of others.

I have to wonder about that last rule as I remember the old story about the parent who left his kid with the baby sitter, saying in jest, “Behave yourself and don’t put beans up your nose.”  It was something the child never would  have thought of on his own and that is exactly what he did!  It might be better not to have a phone with a camera once such an idea is in a kid’s head.

Way back when we got out first radio (I was about 12) I had heard people say there were things on the radio not appropriate for kids.   Need I add  that once everyone was out of the house I did my best to locate those inappropriate programs?  It was a real disappointment not to find
anything naughty.

Left alone with a cell phone with a camera, what’s a kid to do?

Kim also provides a link for cell phone plans for children.


Let the little children come to me. — Matthew 9:14