I had to assume when my recent letter to the Editor of my local liberal newspaper (Gay Priest Cover-Up) was not published that they were operating from a position of anti-Catholic bias.   How right that turned out to be!   Today they have devoted three full pages, six very large photographs, plus an editorial on the opinion page to this story.    The editorial reads:  “Supporters of the diocese…have argued that release is unfair because it deals with decades old claims, and decisions made by officials who have long since left town.  They have a point.”

And yet – yet – it is SPLASHED all over their teeny newspaper and, as I’ve written before, the misdeeds of a few are magnified and perpetuated until it seems the church is full of bad bishops who deliberately  coddle pedophiles.   I might add that their coverage gave serious input to the Voice of the Faithful, a small group of disaffected Catholics who are anything but faithful.

Well, anyway, since I could not get my Letter to the Editor published locally, I sent it to the next town (a bigger town) and it was published in their paper (a bigger paper).

Waterbury Republican-American

I would urge anyone who would like to see beyond the bias of the mainstream media to read Archbishop Dolan’s  very comprehensive appraisal of anti-Catholic bias on his blog.   Of course the New York Times wouldn’t publish his letter, either.  He’s only the Archbishop of New York!