This little video, calling itself Barack  Obama’s Dossier, is making the rounds via e-mail and raises many questions about our president’s strange documentation or, rather, the  lack thereof. If his current Social Security number is truly one issued in Connecticut to someone born in 1890, you have to wonder: What the hell is going on?

John C. Drew, former committed Marxist, talks about his friendship with Obama during his years at Occidental College. He tells about Obama’s relationship with a “wealthy patron,” Hassan Chandu, while he was at Occidental. Drew at the time thought that Chandu and Obama were both gay and both wealthy. He has an interesting take on why no one remembers Obama from his days at Columbia.

And just to further muddy the waters, here is a link to a  two-hour “documentary”  produced by Alex Jones titled The Obama Deception. If only half of what he says is true, it would be disturbing.

Please, won’t someone point me to the good guys!   Who are they and where are they hiding?


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