I have written about miracles before. For those who believe there is nothing beyond this universe, no miracle is possible. But for those of us who believe God made the universe and authored its laws, we think it is possible for God to suspend those laws if he wishes. It is a good way to get attention and miracles were the “signs” used by Jesus and the apostles to witness to God.

Almost every year, on the 19th of September, in the Naples Cathedral, the dried blood of  St. Januarius (San Gennaro), a bishop who was beheaded in 305, becomes liquid. According to the  story some of his blood was collected after his death and is kept in an ampule.

There are numerous records on the liquefaction of the blood, dating from times before 1649 when they officially started recording this miracle. One of the descriptions of the procession dates from the year 1389. According to writings in 1528 the blood miracle didn’t take place. This was the year the pest broke out and Naples didn’t receive its raise from France.

There are hundreds of records of the liquefaction dating from the 16th Century.

This well-documented phenomenon is still regarded as unexplained by believers and sceptics alike. Noted parapsychologist Hans Bender defined it the paranormal phenomenon with the best and historical documentation; physicist Enrico Fermi seems to have expressed interest as well.

It is also one of the few recurrent non-medical, physical “miracles” that might be studied scientifically.



The liquefaction of the blood of St. Januarius to reported to have occurred once again.

Naples ItalySeptember 19th, 2010 – The precious vial was transported in a procession that took place from the Duomo to the Monastero di Santa Chiara, did not disappoint the expectations of thousands of tourists and believers alike and this morning at 9:43 the miracle of San Gennaro took place. It was Bishop Crescenzio Sepe to announce the liquefaction of the blood that as always is welcomed by the waving the white handkerchief.