October 13, 1917, marked the date of sixth apparition of Our Lady at Fatima who appeared in a Carmelite habit as Our Lady of Mount Carmel during the visions at the Miracle of the Sun.



In 1923, at the request of the Chilean bishops, the Vatican proclaimed the Virgin of Carmel principal patroness of all Chileans, not just the army and navy….. There are two Carmel images that Chileans especially venerate; the one at the National Shrine of Maipú, carved in Quito, Ecuador in 1785, and the one, made in France, at the Basilica of the Savior in Santiago de Chile, that was solemnly crowned in 1926.

Last March, Pope Benedict XVI presented a new statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel to Chile. The statue traveled throughout the country bringing consolation to those suffering from the devastating February 27 earthquake.

Is it not a striking coincidence that the “miraculous” rescue of 33 Chilean miners after 69 days of entombment a half-mile underground took place on October 13, 2010?   Is it relevant that the miners requested religious articles so they could set up a prayer chapel down there while they awaited deliverance ?  Just asking.