I can pay no greater tribute to a fellow blogger-Mom than to copy for others her entire after-the-election commentary. This is by Barbara Curtis of Mommy Life.   Need I say that I highly recommend her site?

A strange thing happens to me after an election – no matter which way it goes. I feel a peace, a sense of acceptance and release – like a job that required my almost full attention has been finished and I am free to move on.  Also an intense optimism.

This happened in the middle of the night on which Obama was elected.  Although I had spent several months warning of his faulty foundation and hidden agenda, I woke up and wrote to MommyLife readers urging that we give Obama the benefit of a doubt.  This may surprise some who’ve only begun reading here recently since I have once again been busy gathering and presenting information on how this unqualified and dangerously narcissistic man has been undermining our Constitution, creating division and making us vulnerable.  I believe Obama – and his media sycophants and political cronies – have vividly shown us not only their lack of appreciation for our country but also complete contempt for its citizenry.

But in a Romans 8:28 sort of way, we’ve experienced a great blessing.  Good, honest, hardworking citizens – who’d been too busy living their lives and caring for their children to invest in politics – were startled into consciousness as a parent would leap from bed on smelling fire.  The rise of the Tea Party – true grassroots activism – and the broadening of our interest to include other state races has been inspirational and refreshing.  Networking and finding alternatives to the Propaganda Press have led to a true grassroots system of information which guarantees – as The Who sang in the 70’s We Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Still, conservatives have had to endure the scorn and ridicule of the “elites” – as though we were in high school and the popular crowd was making the rules. It’s cool to be liberal – as evidenced by Obama’s choice of propaganda venues:  Rolling Stone, MTV, Ryan Seacrest.  Why bother discussing anything substantive when you have friends like Jon Stewart (and that other guy whose name I can’t remember) staging a Return to Sanity rally – an event with no other purpose than to remind liberals of their coolness and conservatives of their dorky status. That the Propaganda Press pretended that these were the moderates – well, that’s because they’re cool too.

Yesterday a lot of not-so-cool people went to the polls.  No longer intimidated by being painted as angry, ugly racists we voted our conscience.  Today the world looks different, as though we are actually now a few steps closer to  – well, to restoring sanity.

The Tea Party prevailed.  This was not a Republican v. Democrat election, but an anti-establishment cleaning-political-house election.  It was fueled to a large extent by women who kept the information networks humming in the background and the foreground.  The constant anti-Tea Party propaganda backfired as ordinary citizens became sensitized to exactly how untrustworthy the “Mainstream Media” and smooth-talking politicians have become.

We won’t be fooled again.

We know too much now to ever be dominated by the In-Crowd.  We care too much about our country.  We’ve gone back and studied our Constitution.  We’ve thought about the meaning of American exceptionalism.  We do believe our country is the beacon of freedom and hope throughout the world and we are sick to death of efforts to sabotage our image and status.  We are sick to death of government schools and a college system that indoctrinates the next generations to parrot the ideas of anti-American cool/hip/elitist teachers.

Parents are teaching their children.  We realize that we can’t go back to tending our own business anymore.  This election is the first step in a process that will eventually return our country to its foundation – or see us slide into Shariah Law.  We have to know who we are and we have to defend ourselves on many different fronts.

So keep reading and thinking and discussing.  I will be getting together Thursday with Catholic Conservative Women of Loudoun, a group of women who found each other in September 2009 and started a yahoo group to exchange information and encourage each other.  We also meet monthly for lunch.  We will have a lot to celebrate tomorrow!

I started by saying that post-election I feel peace, release and optimism – similar to the feeling after cleaning out a closet – which oddly enough was my own personal run-up  to November 2.  Now my closets are clean and the election is over (well, except for the inevitable Democrat stealing vote-haggling.  While I would like to have seen Reid, Pelosi and Boxer given their walking papers, I was gratified by the returns – so many Democrat incumbents swept away and fresh conservatives swept in.  The Tea Party rising to tell the Republican Party there will be no more business as usual – hopefully, Republicans are finished with trying for the “cool” crowd’s approval.

I won’t be exploring the particulars of the election (unless I change my mind as things evolve).  Check Drudge and the conservative sites in my right sidebar for detailed election news/analysis.  I just wanted to touch base this morning on a personal level as I drank my morning coffee.

Now I’m ready to turn my attention elsewhere for a while.  Which is good news, because I have a lot to share on Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas.  As moms, we have a responsibility not only to clean up our country’s messes, but to build a strong family heritage so our children will be equipped to be secure in who they are, not vulnerable to the outside influence of “cool” peers, teachers, singers, comedians.    That doesn’t mean they should be cut off from these things, just that their sense of self is strong enough that they can be in the world, not of it.

Our political work is important, but shaping our kids to carry it through is even more so.


To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he  disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.   — Thomas Jefferson