Celebrating family! These are the people who have been along for the long haul. In fact, I knew most of them as new-born babies!  Starting at the left and around the table we have sister-in-law Margie, me, cousin Johnny, sister Dolly, sister Annette, brother Ernie, brother Bob.  There were five of us siblings and there still are five of us, thank you, Lord!

Here I am, holding the list of cousins that gathered last month at brother Ernie’s home in Monroe. There are ten of us on the list and our ages add up to 853, which means there is probably an error in addition.

We then went to visit Aunt Fran in the convalescent home in Fairfield.   She has just turned 102.   She hadn’t seen us in years yet remembered who we were and where we fit into the family constellation.   That’s Annette on the left, me on the right, and Fran’s daughter Anne behind her. 

Like Old Barns, we old folks have a past, a certain beauty, and a future. ENJOY.