It’s amazing how many people are out there, just musing away.   When my son set up this blog for me so I could post some of my writings the blogosphere was, to me, an unknown territory.  Little did I know when I chose a title for it that the internet is rife with musers–everybody seems to think their musings are blogworthy .

Some of the more intriguing titles I’ve come across are: Musings of a Pediatric Oncologist, Dr. Rob’s Musings of a Distractible mind, Musings of a Middle-Aged Guy Waiting to See What He’ll Be When He Grows Up, Musings of a Mountain Man, Musings of a Sloth, Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey, Musings of a Housewife, and Conversion Diary (musings of a former atheist).

The pediatric oncologist, Dr. David Loeb, has a truly fascinating site. If you want to read about how cancer is not contagious but the Tasmanian Devil has a kind of cancer that is contagious visit Dr. David.    This is a site I want to revisit for informed medical blogging.

Dr. Rob, also  is a practicing physician, Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics,  who still finds time to blog, probably because he has, as he says, ADHD.

The closest I could come to finding the Musings of a Middle-Aged Guy Waiting…… was Musings of a Middle Aged Geek ( who takes lovely pictures and really, really wants a 2009 Mini Cooper.  The meaning of folded space eludes me.

Mountain Man blogs from Australia and contemplates “the nature of nature.”  He makes available many eastern writings as well as “A Summary of the Bible by Jesus of Nazareth.”

I’m not at all sure I found the original sloth muser but one Jason F. Foster, a seminary graduate, talks much about Barth and has this to say about sloth: “For Barth, Christ is, among other things, humble and diligent. So for Barth, a good way to think about sin is in opposite concepts from what Christ is shown to be. Instead of humble, sin is defined by pride. Instead of diligence, sin is defined by sloth.”

The highly trained monkey is called “Monkey Girl” and seems to be  calling it quits.  She writes:

When I started out, it was a lot of fun.
Now it’s more like work.
And work sucks.
So I’m going to make like a shepherd and get the flock outta here.
In the words of Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

Musings of a Housewife and Conversion Diary have turned out to be two of my favorite sites (see Blogroll).

We have musings by Melinda, Melissa, Sadie, Susan, Mike and Vern.  All in all, there are (at last count) 2346 domains with “musings” in the title and 300 domains which actually begin with the word “musings.”

Who knew?  After all, if we didn’t muse we would never know what what we think  – of even if we think.

Mortimer Adler says so.


You have to allow a certain amount of time in which you are doing nothing in order to have things occur to you, to let your mind think.  M. J  Adler