I knew a priest who said that he had always felt a special camaraderie with fellow priests. They had similar educations, similar lives, similar challenges, they even believed in the same God. “But now,” he said, “I first have to find out of they accept Humanae Vitae before I know that we’re on the same page.”  All Catholic priests don’t seem to teach the same things anymore.

Never before has the Catholic church been a place where you could believe anything you wanted to – to have your “own” truth. It has always been a church where Jesus was Lord, adultery was a sin, chastity was a virtue, marriage was between a man and a women, babies were a blessing, and sex was designed for both bonding and babies.

We had, in our parish, a few years back, a priest who spoke against abortion. Two people got up and walked out following his homily. I wasn’t present at that time but I would hope he spoke about God’s forgiveness, about the people of God who come to the aid of pregnant women in distressful situations, about loving arms waiting to adopt babies, about trusting the God who is Love and who also said Thou Shalt Not Kill.  He should have said that killing babies is intrinsically wrong but there are degrees of culpability and God’s mercy waits in the confessional.   We need to have the courage to say what we believe.

I have blogged often about marriage, homosexuality and contraception and my views (which I believe are the views of our church) are here for all to read. Jesus did not start a namby-pamby church that just says “don’t be mean.” Because of his love for us, God has given us guidelines for life. Things always work out better His Way. We need to be challenged to follow God’s teachings and his leadings.

I would urge anyone who does not get the Real Catholic YouTube videos to log on to RealCatholicTV.com and sign up. You won’t be disappointed.

Here is Michael Voris telling the difference between Pew Sitters and Real Catholics.


We know that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. — Romans 8:28