No, not curtains for me, at least not quite yet. When I saw my internist for my check-up a few days ago, he asked, “How have you been?” He got a kick out of  my response, “I see signs of continuing.” I thought, “I’d better write that down.”

The curtains of which I speak are my white fiberglass bathroom curtains that have been in place for perhaps twenty years, maybe thirty, I don’t know. We’ve been in this house for fifty years now and it seems they’ve always been there. I was sitting in the bathtub this morning and enjoying the glint of the sunshine on the curtains. At this point in February we have  topped the all time record for snow in Danbury, so any sunshine is much appreciated.   And sunshine glistens on fiberglass as it does on no other fabric.

What ever happened to fiberglass?  I don’t recall that clothing was made of it but I remember it as a drapery fabric.  Nowadays fiberglass fabric is for sale but it seems to be used mostly in ships.  I guess it doesn’t mildew; I wonder why it doesn’t break.   Anyhow I take my bathroom curtains down when they seem dusty and douse them in the bathtub after a bath, rinse, and rehang.   It’s all very easy and they look as good as they ever did.  And they glisten in the sunlight!

The curtains are very simple, one piece for the top half of each window, cafe-style, decorated at the bottom with two rows of fancy machine stitching, light blue and dark blue, to match the bathroom.  At this point I find it a challenge to even thread my sewing machine, it is so seldom used.  The machine attachments make zigzag decorative stitching very easy.

My fiberglass curtains have served me well and I’d do it just the same again.   I expect it will be curtains for me before my bathroom curtains finally retire.