Quite a day for an old lady!   It started out with mass at St. Joseph’s and amid other homey functions like eating, cleaning, washing my down jacket, a little painting, going through the mail, watching some TV, and sundry other duties, these were the highlights.

1. Somewhat like the revolution in Egypt, the internet pulled together a prayer vigil outside of Planned Parenthood facilities across the nation  for an hour at noon today. In our own town in Connecticut ten of us gathered at our PP on Main Street,and prayed that it  would cease its death-dealing activities and actually be pro-parenthood.   In the past Planned Parenthood had promoted cute FREE Valentines complete with condoms, urging users to have “safe sex.”  We all know (as does PP) that so-called “safe sex” often fails and the result is another customer looking for an abortion.    The abortion, however, is not free.  Today’s weather, amazingly, reached the sixties and we prayed in the sunshine amid huge mounds of snow.  We ended up our little prayer session singing  God Bless America and Amazing Grace.

2. Sister Dolly called from Florida to tell me that Jeopardy was featuring the two all-time Jeopardy winners in a contest with Watson, a specially built computer, with no on-line access. She knew I’d want to watch it. I told her I was watching at the time but after her call realized I had fallen asleep watching and she had awakened me. I WISH I KNEW WHO WON THAT CONTEST!!

(As I read this later, it turns out it was a three-day competition, and all three nights I fell asleep before the program was over.  I understand Watson Won.  Now maybe people believe me when I explain that I wake up early because I go to sleep early, the the going to sleep early doesn’t seem to be under my control.)

3. Today is brother Bob’s birthday. My little brother just turned 85 and we had a nice little chat. He is back in Connecticut after visiting his family in California and in Boston. At his advanced age, he is still quite a gadabout.  What a blessing that all of my siblings are still alive!

4. In the midst of catching up on email, following folks on Facebook, and generally keeping tabs on what goes on in the world, I came across this gem of a video, an overview of abortion, to top off my day.

An Overview of Abortion (Graphic images, Viewer discretion advised)