Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has a way of cutting to the quick.   However Whoopi on The View may shout that Planned Parenthood gets no federal money for abortions, however the others on The View think that “poor people” need the services PP offers, they obviously do not know that neither abortions or other services at PP are free and you should go somewhere else if you don’t have the cash or insurance.

With Planned Parenthood, You Choose–You Lose!

The person behind Planned Parenthood’s PR strategy may want to rethink the timing of their new report. Faced with dozens of criminal cover-ups, the end of government funding, and new evidence that its clinics were hiding 164 incidents of statutory rape in Kansas, this might not be the best time to remind America that your primary service is killing unborn children. This week, the organization released its latest numbers from 2009–and if they hoped to bolster their argument that they care about women’s health more than profit, this is not the document to do it. The bottom line is their bottom line. Once again, the number of abortions has climbed (332,278) while the number of adoption referrals has dropped (977). To put those numbers in perspective, if a woman walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic two years ago, she was 340 times more likely to receive an abortion than an adoption referral. Exactly what part of that statistic makes the case that this organization’s primary concern is women’s health? The nation’s largest provider of abortion is the largest recipient of Title X funds. As Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) said yesterday, there are literally thousands of centers across the country–other than Planned Parenthood–that receive federal funding and offer real care to low-income women. His legislation would help protect those women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies by ensuring that they have access to organizations that see them as patients, not dollar signs.

Here is the Face of Planned Parenthood