I’ve been blogging for three years now! Soon, I suppose, my son, the expert, will jump the gun and add a big 88 to my home page. Wonder what color he’ll choose.  How I love my sons!  My other son, the genius, told me recently that I’m creepy.   What he meant is that I’m crepey and it’s true.   My skin just doesn’t fit like it used to.  Remember the wrinkly, stretchy crepe paper of days of yore?  They used to make decorative streamers out of it but I don’t know what else.  When did you last see any crepe paper?

To get back to blogging, I’ve decided I don’t need to write something every day or even every week just because I have a blog.  I no longer feel a need to tell everyone about every book I read unless there’s something extraordinary about it that no one else seems to recognize.  Which  doesn’t happen that often.  I don’t like the feeling of having to write a book report, as in my school days,  and it no longer seems necessary to me. I did, for example, read unPLUGGED by Abby Johnson, but everyone is saying good things about it so why add my two cents worth? I just finished reading Spirit Driven Success by Dani Johnson who went from having $2.03 to being a millionaire in two years! She appeared on the premiere program of Secret Millionaire (ABC asked her five times before she consented to do it), Also on Oprah, 700 Club, and Good Morning America. The day after I wrote the previous sentence she appeared on The View so the lady is getting around. She lives to serve Jesus and it’s nice that someone like her appeared on The View. I only wish she had gotten to talk about the real source of her success to those chatty ladies.

Speaking of books, to bring everyone up to date on the memory problem, when mail arrived with Abby’s book, to my surprise there were four of them. I have no recollection of ordering four copies. I must surmise that there was some sort of pre-release special that I was taking advantage of. Now that they’re here, we are making good use of them and they are making the rounds. Also, I know I recently ordered a book by Pope Benedict but cannot remember what or why. I guess when it arrives it will “all come back to me.”

The postman just left and it has happened again! A lovely autographed copy of How to Find Your Soulmate by Jason and Crystalina Evert has arrived. $31.95! I KNOW I didn’t order it. Even if my memory is faulty, there is no record either in my payments or orders folders of any such thing.  Nor am I looking for a soulmate.  It comes with a notice that I can get additional paperback copies for only $2 to spread the good news. Apparently this is a publicity ploy but it’s getting disturbing. The Pope Benedict book has also arrived, The Light of the World. And yes, I remember why I wanted to read it and I’m glad it’s here.

I’ve also decided that I don’t have to have an opinion on every political happening. Some I find myself commenting on, in spite of myself, because I feel so strongly. But, for the most part, politics is not my strength and I’m leaving it to better men than I. It’s all I can do to try to sort out who is worth listening to. Right now, I’m impressed with Florida Congressman Allen West. We’ll see.  I love Barbara Curtis for the amazing job she does of keeping track what is going on in the world and what we, who are trying to follow God, need to be aware of.

I hope I’m giving the impression that I’m going to be more selective in what I bother to write about. It’s not like everyone is hanging on my every word and needing to know my every thought. In the old days when Letters to the Editor were my forte they would be written when something started taking shape in my mind almost without my willing it. It now happens that I sometimes find myself at morning mass with the subject of my next post becoming clear even while I pray the rosary. (So much for focusing on the mysteries!)

On the whole, three years after my first blogpost, I am older, slower, but apparently in good health. Years pass amazingly quickly. I find I wonder about everything. When I fell on my face last month I scraped the palm of my hand. It was an ordinary, run-of-the-mill scrape, but I find myself marveling at the fact that it has totally healed and entirely back to normal. I have been hurt and healed many times before but this particular little patch of skin speaks to me of a mystery within.   How do those dumb cells know what to do? I just look at my hand and say, Oh, My God!  There is a power within me that I can’t begin to  understand.

I’m getting curiouser and curiouser. I’m always wondering about the backstory, how something or someone got that way. I marvel at the iPad but know that somewhere there are real people who know how to produce this wonderful complicated thing. Is there a real person somewhere out there who knows how to make a universe and a seed?  Just asking.

Three years of blogging having been dutifully noted, it is now time to think about Lent. TurboTax and my 2010 income tax return are  next  on the agenda.  It has been a long hard, hard winter but trees are starting to bud.  Thank God for Spring!  And others have had harder winters, thank God for that.  Mind you, I’m not thanking God that others had harder winters, but that I was spared.   It’s all about me, you know.  Many (perhaps most) of us are not nearly as concerned about the suffering of others as our own.   As my friend Stanley says, I don’t mind dying as long as it doesn’t hurt.  I must confess I do not look forward to  suffering with joy, as a proper saint would.  May the dear Lord give me to grace to accept  it should the time come.


Count it all joy, my brethren, when ye fall into manifold temptations.  — James 1:2