I wish someone would explain to me why my local newspaper refused to print the following letter??


Until just a few years ago homosexuality was recognized by society at large as a perversion and by the psychiatric establishment as a disease.  In recent years public opinion seems to have done a 180 such that now homosexuality is an acceptable alternative lifestyle to be protected by law, taught in schools, and welcomed in the armed services.

Think about it.  Remember jigsaw puzzles?  In jigsaw puzzles pieces with protrusions are fitted into pieces with indentations (plumbers call such complementary parts male and female).  Not only must the pieces fit perfectly but the colors must match and the designed be completed.  Now consider the human mouth.  If you put food into the mouth there are teeth to bite and chew it, salivary enzymes to digest it, and a swallowing mechanism to send it to the stomach where it can be digested and nourish the body.  It’s all beautifully arranged; the mouth serves its purpose.  If you knew someone who got a charge out of putting food into ears, nose, vagina or rectum you’d recognize this as a perversion.  Food in inappropriate places could cause disease and defeat the purpose of food, i.e., nourishment.

Similarly, in “old fashioned” sexual intercourse the parts accommodate each other, pleasure is mutual, and if the sperm strikes out in its search for an ovum, at least it is in the right ball park.  The plan for the propagation of the race is furthered.  By contrast, in sodomy the anal sphincter protests and may be damaged, the rectal lining which is designed for absorption of materials into the bloodstream is open to welcome infection.  (This is in marked contrast to the thick layers of squamous epithelium which line and protect the vagina.)   Sodomy, in fact, is a make-shift arrangement which can only lead to disease — ask any proctologist!

It’s time we re-recognized that homosexuality is intrinsically aberrant, is bodily abuse, and is potentially harmful.  95% of the cases of AIDS are the result of physically abusive behavior — introducing dirty needles into veins or ignoring bodily designs and forcing, as it were, round pegs into square holes.

Let’s tell it like it is.

Click for the health hazards of gay sex. It seems that political correctness has nothing in common with common sense.


In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion. — Romans 1:27