“Yup, there’s a baby in there, all right,” writes Bobbie Siegle, commenting in her newspaper column on the ultrasound picture of her daughter-in-law’s unborn baby.

Now, on the whole, I like Bobbie Siegle’s columns. She seems to be a down-to-earth, common-sense, real-life lady with foibles and idiosyncrasies like the rest of us. But on this point I have to say, “Bobbie, get real. That ain’t no baby in there. That’s a fetus. It is not a person. And it has no rights. Your grandchild has value only if the mother wants it. She can say, “It’s my baby, to keep or to kill. You don’t count. Grandpa doesn’t count. Daddy doesn’t count.”


Sure, you have a picture of it and they say it has all its parts and is living and growing just fine, but don’t count your babies before they are born. “Babies” such as this are quite literally down the tube in an instant. They may be beautiful and healthy, but they can be legally exterminated for no other reason than that they are still inside the mother and that’s what she chooses.

They may be strong and viable and four-fifths born but they are legally having their brains sucked out so they can be delivered dead in these United States, with the approval of our President.

It seems we now have a world where nothing is more important than choice and it matters not one whit what is chosen. There are no longer right or wrong choices, just my choice which is right for ME.

Actually, Ms. Siegle, I am happy for you. Of course it’s a baby! A baby by any other name is still a baby. I, too, think it is “so cool” that you have a picture of your unborn grandchild in your album. That’s a good sign that this is a baby that will be welcomed. It is an exciting and miraculous happening.

But there are grandmothers out there who have no idea why there are no grandchildren in the offing. I grieve for them, and for the babies that were, and now are not, and for the parents who will miss them acutely some one of these days.