I knew I was going to miss The View when I gave up TV for Lent!  It has freed up considerable time and I’m focusing on other things more.   When I heard today that Donald Trump had appeared on The View yesterday  — who is seriously contemplating running for President in 2012 — I knew there had to be sparks flying and I had missed them.   Thank God for the internet, and YouTube.  You don’t really have to miss anything of note anymore.

And so we have here a clip of the appearance of  The Trumpster on the couch with those Far Left ladies (except for Elisabeth who is weakly Right).   Trump has the chutzpah to lay it all out there, to say the things the ladies want to sweep under the rug.  It looks like  we have  a high profile “birther” in Donald.   Whoopi apparently  thinks the issue is that Obama claims to have been born in Hawaii.  “Isn’t  Hawaii still a  part of the United States?” she asks.   That is not the issue at all.  True birthers think Obama was actually born in Kenya which is why he won’t  show his real birth certificate.  Which would mean he is  not a native-born United States citizen and was not a legitimate candidate  for the presidency.

I am going to have to hang in for a few more years just to witness the 2012 election.  IF Donald Trump decides to run, and with pro-life activist Randall Terry having already announced that he WILL RUN in 2012 as a DEMOCRAT(!!), it should be a rowdy time.   I just pray our country survives the next two years.


What you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed on the housetops. — Luke 12:3