As I mentioned in my last post about my new cell phone, coping with a new, fancy phone is not for the faint of heart or chronologically challenged. I think I have, I pray I have, just finished updating my Easy Minutes plan for the new phone, as well as providing my new Visa card number. It may have been too much to ask of Shanda – enrolling in an air time plan AND changing my Visa card number, both on the same call. I’m sure it took well over a half-hour but Shanda was unfailingly polite and we exchanged innumerable Thank-yous and You’re-welcomes. I do hope it all went well.

I finally took a picture with my phone camera and used it for my wallpaper. Not too hard. It was a great puzzlement to me how my friends are able to upload photos from their mobile phone to Facebook. I wondered if I should go online to my Facebook page on the phone (which is not that difficult, once you hurdle the hurdle of logging in and providing a password on that teeny-tiny keyboard) and try to upload from there, much as I do on my blog. You know, they don’t tell you any of this stuff in the instructions! I still don’t know how to email with the phone (but that will be another day.) Oh, for the good old days when you emailed from your computer and made  nothing but phone calls from your phone.

Instead I went to Facebook on my computer to find out how to upload photos and it gave me an email address for that. I had to figure out for myself that it was an email address, because it had an @ in the middle and a at the end. What to do with it was the question!!! Eventually I noted that when I entered contact numbers on my phone there was a space for email addresses and I put the FB address there. I wrote a little message, “inserted” an image of Stanley, and sent it to FB. Twice, I guess. Because there are now on my FB page two photos of Stanley. I haven’t a clue as to what happened to the accompanying message.

So you see, I’m a work in progress. Let’s see if I can show you Stanley, who is 92, and just this morning prayed three rosaries and a Divine Mercy chaplet up by the hospital where we pray to stop abortion twice a week. He truly deserved that rest.

Now, if you find Stanley’s picture on my Facebook page, you can click on it, it will fill the whole screen, you can see Stan’s smile and read his sign. BUT if you click on the one on this blog, it does NOTHING! Someday, perhaps, someone will explain that to me.

It’s a good thing I accumulated lots of minutes when I had my old cell phone because most of my long calls were on my Magic Jack (much cheaper!) Otherwise I might be worried about frittering away so many minutes playing around, experimenting around, trying to figure how things work. And failing, time and time again! I wonder how long it will take before my LG900G is no longer a fascinating toy but a willing and cooperative executor of my every command.

And here, just because I can, is a photo of our snowball bush is full glory. The lilacs have just petered out — each has its own season. You see how it is? Every day I learn something.

And that’s enough learning for one day. The brain is feeling the strain! Maybe someday I’ll give Stanley the “snowball treatment.” Not now.