I was at the first SUMMER OF MERCY which was held in Wichita KA in 1981. Thousands of pro-lifers traveled to Wichita to protest abortion — and especially the late term abortions for which George Tiller of Wichita was famous. His facility was considered the late term abortion capital of the world.

In 1991 70 local pastors in the Wichita area covenanted to “continue to speak out with urgency until the killing of innocent children is outlawed and Wichita becomes an abortion-free city.” A parade for life was held and it was heartwarming to see the pro-life sentiment in the mid-West, especially as compared with the cold hearts in the northeast United States.

There were, then, three abortuaries in Wichita. Now but one is left, the infamous Women’s Health Care Services run by Mr. Tiller, where women from far and near come to have late term babies “delivered” still-born. (The babies get an injection while in the womb to be sure they are dead on arrival.)

That was twenty years ago. Tiller is dead and his abortuary (sporting its own incinerator) no longer functions. This year the Christian Defense Coalition, headed by the Reverend Pat Mahoney, believes God is issuing a similar call.   Summer of Mercy 2.0, is focusing on Tiller’s successor in the late term abortion busines, LeRoy Carhart, of Germantown, Maryland. It will take place from July 31 through August 2.

Rev. Mahoney writes, “We prayerfully ask that you consider joining us for this historic season of prayerful and prophetic witness for life outside of Washington, D.C. Some of the events will include:

  1. 24/7 prayer right across the street from Carhart’s clinic.
  2. Evening worship and prayer outside of the late-term abortion clinic of Leroy Carhart.
  3. Rallies featuring nationally known speakers and musicians.
  4. Cutting edge public and prophetic events for life.
  5. “Live” ultrasounds of pre-born childrn.
  6. A major media and public education campaign.
  7. Daily morning prayer and liturgy outside of Carhart’s clinic.”

It is our hope that The Summer of Mercy 2.0 will be a spark to help ignite a nationwide spiritual awakening concerning the ‘Culture of Life.’ “

The event is being planned by a coalition of pro-life/pro-family groups, including Operation Rescue, the Christian Defense Coalition, the Maryland Coalition for Life, and several local churches.

If you can’t be there, consider helping — Christian Defense Coalition, P.O. Box 8148, Fredericksburg VA 22404.   You know how these  Christian things happen — lots of prayer, lots of Holy Spirit, and a few dollars.   But a few dollars are needed.

Below a late term abortion is described by the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson.  In the early days of abortion in New York City Dr. Nathanson was responsible for many thousands of abortions.  His book, Aborting America, describes his journey to being an ardent pro-life advocate and a Catholic.