Some very intelligent men like Thomas Aquinas and Mortimer Adler and Joe Blow have reasoned that there has to be a God. They think this awesome universe couldn’t just up and start itself from nothing, that there has to be some super-intelligence behind it. Then along comes Jesus and he says, in essence:   “Hello, I’m God. I made the world.  I am Emmanuel which means, ‘God with you.’   And my name is also Jesus which means Savior because I came to save you.  You guys have really screwed up.”

He tells us some things we could never know just from reason, like he’s a three-in-one God. His Father sent him, and he’s going to send the Spirit, and they are all one God and they are all Love.

He did miracles to prove he was God.

He started a church.

He told us to love one another and that he loved us. Then he died on a cross to prove he loved us – to make up for our screw-up.

Then he rose from the dead.

Then he left us with his image on a shroud to prove once again that he had risen from the dead.

His last prayer was that we might all be one in Love.   Look at the mess we’re in now.   God’s church is splintered. We can’t even love others as we love ourselves, much less love others as Jesus loved us.

A third of the people in the world (some two billion)  identify themselves as some kind of Christian.  They live, and even die, because they believe he lived and died–and rose.

Supposed God really did visit us, dwell with us, speak to us. Wouldn’t that be important? Doesn’t it make sense to investigate?  And heed?

I pray for a special move of the Holy Spirit on everyone who reads this far.

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There is enough light for those who want to see and enough darkness for those who are otherwise inclined. — Blaise Pascal

If Christ is not raised, your faith is worthless –1 Cor 15:14.

The Father has sent his Son as Savior of the world.  Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God,  God abides in him, and he in God.  — 1 John 4:14,15

If there is one lesson that we need to learn in life it is that our stay here on earth is a probation. We commonly speak of the trials of life. We should say that our life on earth is a trial. It is a test. It is God’s way of enabling us to prove our loyalty to Him. That is what life, as we correctly say, is – a valley of tears. It is an opportunity to prove our fidelity to the God from whom we came and the condition for our eternity with the God for whom we were made. – Fr. John Hardon