It is good for friends to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Patti and Mike have a lovely home with a huge yard and many trees and flowers. And a nice big deck surrounded by many more flowers. All in all, a perfect setting for a friendly gathering. Plus, she has a pool. We were invited to bring our bathing suits!

We had lunch on the deck and then went pool-side and sat in the shade where Patti led us in songs that she says are enjoyed by the “old folks” where she ministers. Three of us, after all, are over 70l


Here’s Mary Lou with her beautiful smile.

And next Kathy holding up a shredded napkin (modern art, I guess.)

And me, dabbling my feet in the pool. So refreshing. Should have brought my bathing suit. (Do I detect a hint of vanity in my not wanting to display this old wrinkly, crepey, scrawny body?)

Then, after they discovered I had just had a birthday, a very cute photo of me blowing out the candle on a brownie.

I very much looked forward to posting these pics on my blog to say how much I enjoyed the gathering, how much I appreciated Kathy’s taking and forwarding such fine photos, how good it was of Patti to invite us, what a nice time was had by all.

My apologies for the delay. I had to find out how to shrink the digital camera pictures to a size that WordPress would accept. FINALLY, I’ve found out how. Just about anything seems to be possible on a computer if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Thank you, friends — for your love and kindness. Better late than never.