I’ve been following Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog,   Conversion Diary, ever since I discovered the blogosphere some three years ago so I am delighted to have discovered this very recent interview in which she traces her journey to the Catholic Church. It is so good to “meet” her in person after having read about her questions and answers and growing family over the years.

She writes:

Research led me to the shocking conclusion that God exists, and the more shocking conclusion that he became man in the form of Jesus of Nazareth. While trying to figure out what Christian denomination to join, my husband and I both agreed that we’d consider anything but the Catholic Church: he said it was corrupt and not Biblically-based. I said it was oppressive, anti-woman and archaic. We were both surprised, then, when months of research led us to the one place we said we wouldn’t go—-

Meet Jennifer, now 34, married for seven years, and mother of five children — a living, breathing, intelligent, struggling, writing Catholic!


Conversion of an Atheist – Jennifer Fulwiler from Renewal Ministries on Vimeo.