Over this past weekend I saw love outpoured. There were two birthday celebrations — one of my 8-year-old greatgranddaughter, Selva; the other of my 80-year-old sister-in-law, Margie. Both were obviously much loved.

Selva had a pool party at her grandpa’s home with a birthday cake engineered by her grandma. Selva had ordered, of all things, a JUNGLE CAKE. Many people had a hand in it — greataunts, greatgrandma (I got to put the pupils in the eyes of the animals!), mommy,  daddy, and Selva herself, who designed the animals, and learned in the process how to roll and apply fondant, and grease and flour cake pans.

I cannot begin to describe the process of putting this whole creation together, but the lake and the waterfall are made of jello. Once it was transported from the refrigerator to its place of honor at the party, the final WOW factor was a flag atop the mountain reading SELVA. It was truly a testament of love for this transplanted Guatemalan cutie in her new country.

The Jungle

Margie and Ernie have been blessed with seven children, all of whom were present, with offspring, for her (surprise!) 80th birthday celebration, even their children from Ohio, Virginia, and Missouri. Fortunately AnneMarie and John have a big house as there were people all over the place — numerous grandkids (no greatgrandkids), sisters and their families, friends and neighbors,  right down to a tiny, toddling, foster tot.


Eighty Surprise!

It was a wonderful weekend!  What can be more enjoyable than seeing love in action?