It was the afternoon of August 23, a Tuesday, when Jon came downstairs and asked if we had felt anything. We hadn’t. Upstairs he had felt a shaking, seen a swaying, and thought it was an earthquake. The time was 1:52. Sure enough TV and Google informed us that a 5.9 quake centered near Mineral, Virginia, had been felt south to Atlanta, west to Chicago, and north to Martha’s Vineyard. I already had earthquakes on my mind as grandson Joel had just experienced three minor tremors a day or two after he first arrived at Christchurch, New Zealand. His Facebook post read: “I felt the earth….shake….under my feet.”

Christchurch had had a really severe quake last February and the damage was still quite evident. In fact, Joel posted a picture of the set for Macbeth for which he was running lights. They were using the devastation wrought by the earthquake as a set for their production.

Macbeth set - Christchurch

Macbeth set - Christchurch

We had been following with interest a hurricane brewing in tropical waters which threatened to travel up the eastern coast of the United States. We were glad it spared Dolly and Dwight who live in Florida but computer models seemed to indicate it would make a beeline for New Jersey, New York City and Fairfield County in Connecticut — that’s us. After being covered on TV 24/7 for days it finally arrived on the 27th and 28th, not as bad as it could have been but plenty bad enough. Here’s a video of our very own town during the worst of it.

Between the earthquake and the hurricane, on August 26, my grandson’s wife Susana gave birth (a month early) to my fourth greatgrandchild. Weighing in a 6 lb 6 oz and a fine healthy specimen,  may I introduce Selva’s new baby sister –




Now there’s a baby who can fill a page and a heart!