The Left likes to claim that Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and other Occupiers are not that different from the Teapartiers. I hold that they are quite different.

1. The Teapartiers assemble for a day and depart. They leave the grounds cleaner than before. The Occupiers arrive with tents and baggage and Occupy. They stay and won’t go home.

2. The Teapartiers are interested in upholding constitutional law. The Occupiers don’t seem to like America or our laws. They talk revolution. If there is a particular law they want to change, we don’t hear about it.

3. Groups like the young Nazis, Communists, Socialists and Atheists seem to fit right in with the Occupiers. They are made welcome. They would never consider joining the Teapartiers.

4. This is the defining difference: The Teapartiers on the whole believe in God. The Occupiers on the whole do not.


BUT – A comment from Mary Rose suggests that there may be common ground.

> This is a open letter to OWS from FedUpUSA, one of the original Tea
> Parties:
> We support you in exercising your First Amendment Right. We are
> outraged that any peaceful demonstrator would be assaulted or abused
> by any authorities.
> If you are protesting because there are no jobs— We stand with
> you.
> We are for a free economy and recognize that what we have now is NOT
> a free economy; it is not capitalism – what we have is a fascist
> state or crony-capitalism. There is nothing free about doing
> business with Countries that manipulate their currencies to attract
> cheap labor. We agree that these jobs need to come back to America.
> If you are protesting because no one has gone to jail— We stand
> with you.
> Regardless of what is being said from the white house and media, we
> know that there are many in the financial district and the banks
> that have committed fraud and outright theft and we too want to see
> them prosecuted. We support: STOP THE LOOTING; START
> If you are protesting because everything costs more— We stand with
> you.
> We see prices rise in our food, gas, clothes yet our wages have
> stayed the same or have decreased. The Federal Reserve has bailed
> everyone out but us and not only are we going to have to pay for
> that, those bailouts make the price of everything else go up because
> it devalues our currency. We support monetary reform.
> If you are protesting because you are tired of our bought and paid
> for government on both sides— We stand with you.
> We are also against the banks and big corporations buying our
> politicians and writing laws that favor their special interests. We
> understand that our economy is broken BECAUSE of this and that all
> of our other issues will never be addressed as long as the financial
> elite control OUR government.
> We understand that these issues cross party lines and ideologies and
> effect each and every one of us. We also understand that these
> issues will never get fixed as long as we continue to let the media,
> the elite, and members of the government separate us by our
> differing ideologies.
> Only Together, can we Implement Change
> It is time, We Americans, put our ideologies in our back pocket and
> not let them separate us so that we can work together for this ONE
> COMMON GOAL: to get the special interest money and elite out of OUR
> Government and return it to US— the people.
> As long as the banks, largest corporations, and wealthy elite
> control our government, we will never have a representative republic
> and laws will continue to be passed that only benefit the few 1% at
> the expense of us 99%!
> Demand that NOT ONE MORE LAW gets passed until they pass:
> Lobby reform:
> It is a Federal Offense punishable by a minimum 5 years in prison
> to:
> Lobby any member of the US Congress outside of the district you
> live, work, or own a business.
> Lobby a member of congress while they are physically outside the
> district they represent.
> Campaign Reform:
> It is a Federal Offense punishable by a minimum 5 years in prison
> to:
> For any one person, corporation, enterprise, group, union or the
> like, to donate more than $2,000 to any one candidate during one
> campaign period.
> For any member of the media to deny equal access to competing
> candidates.
> These two laws will cut the control the Financial elite have on our
> government by leveling the playing field. You will have just as big
> as a voice with your representative as the big box retailer that
> resides in your town. Simply, it will end the Crony-Capitalism that
> is strangling our economy.
> I encourage all my fellow Tea Partiers to join Occupy Wall Street
> protesters in their non-violent, peaceful protests and together
> demand that the Government be returned to the people. After all,
> this is precisely what the Tea Party was intended to be before it
> was taken over and marginalized by the establishment politicians.


I am the good shepherd; and I know mine, and mine know me.  — John 10:14