One week ago I had Mohs skin surgery for a small skin thickening below my left eye which had been diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma. The first night after the surgery I had swelling and throbbing and pain (treated with one acetominophen tablet) and 24 hours after the surgery I removed the pressure bandage. Each day thereafter for a week the wound was gently washed twice a day, covered with Vaseline, and bandage re-applied. Though tender to touch there was no pain but it was annoying to look down my nose and see that bandage sitting there and it was close enough to my eye to make using my eyeglasses awkward.

I returned to the office seven days later for removal of the stitches. Stitch removal was done by a nurse and hardly hurt at all. The doctor checked the wound which she described as a little puffy, which should go away, but good overall. I can now do away with the bandage but am supposed to apply Vaseline for another week. An appointment was made for the end of January, 2012, for Mohs skin micrographic surgery on my second lesion on the left side of my nose.

I will try to post a picture, with a little help from my friend.  Behold – this is 10 days after surgery, in natural daylight, no make-up.    The wound is under my left eye (which is the right side of the photo).


The suspected melanoma under one of my toenails (which was what brought me to the dermatologist in the first place) seems to be growing out, which means it is just a hematoma and quite benign. We will keep it under surveillance.

I plan to post the bill for this minor surgical adventure. Won’t that be interesting?

January, 2012 – The Medicare assessment has arrived.  I had only Medicare, no supplemental insurance.

9/23/11 Office visit                                                 101.0o
                  Biopsy Skin lesion                                  165.00
                  Biopsy skin l esion – add-on                 82.00
                   Tissue exam by pathologist              364.00
11/15/11 Consult Mohs surgeon                        157.00
12/7/11   Mohs first stage                                 1000.00
                    Mohs addl stage                                   600.00
                    Repair of wound                                  609.00
TOTAL                                                                           3078.00
Medicare approved                                                 1976.92
Medicare paid                                                            1581.50
I may be billed                                                             395.40