Once again thousands and thousands of pro-life people traveled from far and wide to say that Roe v. Wade was bad legislation and should be overturned. Once again, the mainstream media saw fit to pretend the pro-lifers didn’t exist. On the other hand, some 60 or so Occupiers camped on public ground in DC and every media outlet was there taking note.

This past Saturday, January 21, in Dallas, several thousand people gathered downtown to march to the federal building for a public rally. I was one of them. Road blocks were set up. Half the city center was shut down. Thirty-three police and one helicopter escorted what police unofficially estimated to be 8,000 people through the heart of the city and back.

The local paper, The Dallas Morning News, did not cover it. Not a single photo. Not even a whisper.

The West Coast March for Life, attended by 50,000 was ignored by local news as highlighted by blogger and pundit Michelle Malkin and other attendees.

In Washington D.C., a crowd that has been estimated as numbering between 100,000 and 400,000 people marched down Constitution Avenue to protest abortion. The New York Times did not report on it. They did, however, include in their “Happenings in Washington” section a White House visit by NHL Stanley Cup champions and the signing of an Environmental Cooperation Agreement with the South Korean ambassador to the U.S.

Does this sound like a coincidence to you? Does this sound like unbiased reporting? Or does it sound like the mainstream media is deliberately not covering these events?

Apologists would have us believe that half a million to maybe more than a million people taking to the streets every year for the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision is not newsworthy. Why? Well, because it happens every year! Where’s the story in that?

Here’s the story: It happens every year. Read more.

March for Life, 2012

And here are the invisible victims of abortion, at that same MARCH FOR LIFE.