I try to remember to take my cell phone with me when I take a bath but it has never happened that I received a call when in the bathroom. Until today. I answered the ring and some man was asking for a name I didn’t recognize. He then asked, “Who am I speaking to.” “You’re talking to an old lady in a bathtub,” I answered. “You’re talking to an old man in the kitchen,” he said. “I was trying to find someone to mow my lawn.”

It sounded as if he might be willing to talk a little, but my bath was done and I had things to do. I wished him a good day and hung up. I had concluded that (a) he was probably not very able-bodied or he could mow his own lawn, and (b) he had a little property (with a lawn) and could afford to hire someone to mow. Maybe I should have taken the time to talk with him a bit. He might have been lonely.

My curiosity got the better of me. Of course, the cell phone had captured his phone number so I did a reverse look-up and found that he lived in my town, same zip code. Further investigation revealed that he, too, was 85 years old and only about two miles from my home–and  in a nicer neighborhood than mine. I could have gotten in my car and driven by his home, but I really don’t like driving and besides, the GAS!

So, Mr. M, if perchance you have a computer, and if, by a very remote chance, you should run across this post and are unattached, I’d be willing to have lunch. We’ll go Dutch.

It occurs to me that “I hung up” is going to be one of those idioms that don’t mean what they say anymore. They hark back to an olden day when one actually did hang up the earphone on the wall phone hook. I have a picture but don’t know how to get it into my post!