Last November I went to my dermatologist for micrographic Mohs surgery for a skin cancer on my face and there are two posts about that experience, here and here.   Last week I went again to have a second squamous cell cancer removed from the left side of my nose and came home looking like this.    This is a lot of bandage for an itty-bitty wound but it seems to be necessary for facial surgeries which tend to bleed and need a pressure bandage for the first day.  The next day it was off and a little band-aid was sufficient to cover the wound.  Don’t let this scare you.  The stitches were removed on day 7.   Today, ten days later, I am walking around without a bandage and you would hardly notice I had been under THE KNIFE.

I have to admit I was afraid before the first surgery but feel like I’m an old hand at it now.  What’s to be afraid of?  Once the area is numbed with anesthetic (using such a tiny needle) you feel nothing whatever during the cutting and the stitching and the bandaging.  I needed one Tylenol at bedtime for some local aching but that was that.

When you walk around looking like this you’d be surprised how many people can relate.  One old geezer (only 84) told me he’d had three such surgeries and you’d never know it to look at him.  Everyone has had a least one such experience or knows someone who had it.   Mohs facial micirographic surgery is going around nowadays.   Ten years ago you never heard of it.

It is about 5:30 AM.   As I write this post I am also getting dressed, cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast,  and watching Fox News for the results on last night’s Nevada event.  See you later when I’m a little bit more focused.