We have prayed twice a week outside our local abortuary, Medical Options, for over twenty years, following it from Mill Plain Road, to opposite the Police Department on Main Street, to a medical office building opposite Danbury Hospital.  Finally, about two years  ago, Medical Options packed up and closed down.    VICTORY!   We outlasted them!   But we’re still there, twice a week, praying.  Why bother?

For one thing, although the abortion “clinic” is gone, there are still two offices in the building where abortions are being performed.  One of them is headed by Kenneth Blau, M.D., who was the medical director of Medical Options and is well known in town because he does late term abortions.  For another thing, abortions are also performed at the hospital across the street.  For a third thing, there is much ado today about federal funding for abortions and the Obama mandate that organizations which cannot in good conscience provide abortions or abortifacients MUST do so or be fined large amounts.   Christians are rising up against this regulation of their ministries and see it as a violation of freedom of religion.   Yes, abortion is STILL on the front burner.  We feel we need to pray against it, demonstrate against it, and bring home the fact that however unseen it is still going on all around us.

So, we’re there with our signs and our prayers.   There is a good deal of traffic down the street and we get an occasional friendly toot, or sometimes a horn blast accompanied by a middle finger.  Yesterday was a typical day in that one man going into the building gave us a rather covert thumbs-up.  Another man blessed us for what we were doing.  Yet another older man said, “Hitler’s mother was pro-life.  How’s that working for you?”  He was not on our side.   A young lady, all abeam with the life within her, told us her baby was due in May and thanked us for praying for her baby.  Just before we left, a man from the insulated food truck in the parking lot came up to us with a warm muffin for each.  He caters to construction workers and said business is down as there are fewer jobs and those with jobs are “brown-bagging” it more.

Why bother?   Abortion likes darkness. We few praying here and the 500,000 people in the annual March for Life in DC and the annual Life Walk in Los Angeles are all trying to bring home the same thing: We are killing our sons and daughters. We are killing our next generation. Were it not for the influx of Mexicans and Muslims the United States would be a dying nation. Something is seriously amiss!   Abortion is a crime against the individual baby and a crime against humanity.    It is murder.   LOOK!


P.S.  Thinking of the man who told us that Hitler’s mother was pro-life, I am reminded of a post of mine several years ago about two babies that were born on the same day in Austria–one was Hitler and the other a Down’s syndrome baby.  It’s a lovely (and true) story.  Please read it.